Specializing in small business web design, That Place Computers strives to meet customer needs and exceed expectations with quality designs, hosting, and stellar customer service.

Have you investigated the possibility of getting your small business on the web? Maybe going away from a brick and mortar storefront to fully online?

We provide full site design to your specifications, and the affordability to make it a reality.

Why I Started

Why Did You Start Your Own Business? That is the question that I get asked from time to time. Here is my journey... I started this business to be...

Advantages to Having a Website

What are the advantages of having a having a website? In the times before the Internet, people used to market door to door, over the phone, or by...

Tips for Growing Your Business

Good ways to grow your business? Tips I researched to grow my web design business? Really good information that I feel could be used in any business...

What better way to promote your business than through an online presence?

Do you need a simple website to showcase your blog skills? Or a more complex e-commerce site for added revenue, or online photo gallery? We can...

Best place for websites got mine done and truly love it.


Edward Moore

- Owner, Nu Image Photography